Our work in odor masking fragrances has been truly ground-breaking. J&E Sozio's technical strengths shine in this area, with a range of innovative chemical ingredients that can be used throughout numerous product applications.


Most notably, J&E Sozio's development of Absorbzio TM, a combination odor-neutralizer/fragrance compound based on zinc Ricinoleate, effectively neutralizes ammonia odor; one of the most pervasive and tenacious odors.


Other developments in this area include Masquodor TM, a range of registered odor-masking agents for use with plastic and difficult substrates.


These innovations are an important part of J&E Sozio's business, as they can be used in a wide range odor masking applications:


  • Ammonia odors
  • Tobacco
  • Garlic
  • Perspiration
  • Farm odors
  • Water treatment
  • Compost
  • Pet odors
  • Cat litter

    This is a limited selection of some of the applications of our Neutralizing and Masking against malodors. It is very important that we fully understand the malodor to mask or neutralize, so please be as detailed as possible in your sample request or with our sales representative.


    Masking Agents Masquodor TM, are odor masking and malodor neutralizing agents made up of unique aromatic compounds, which are intended to largely eliminate any offensive smells, or to produce a faint yet agreeable scent.


    Malodor Neutralizing Agents Absorbzio TM for Ammonia/Amine/Mercaptosulfur based malodors. Absorbzio™ is a highly effective deodorant/malodor absorber based on the synergistic effect of the zinc salt of ricinoleic acid combined with carefully selected aromatic compounds.


  • Neutral (zinc ricinoleate)
  • Scented (zinc ricinoleate and fragrance)


    Room deodorizer

    Kitchen and Bathroom cleaners

    Carpet and Upholstery cleaners

    Cat Litter

    Care Care products

    Sanitary products

    Space Sprays

    Waste Water

    Sewage Treatment plants

    Paper Mills

    Comporting Facilities



    Rubber, Latex